Traditional Omurisu With Seabass Fillet

With Seabass Fillet & Fresh Salad or Fries 昔ながらのオムライスと鱈のフィレ、 フレッシュサラダまたはフライ


Traditional Omurisu With Lamb Leg Fillet

With Lamb Leg Fillet & Fresh Salad or Fries 昔ながらのオムライスとラムステーキ、...


Traditional Omurisu With Chicken Breast

With Chicken Breast & Fresh Salad or Fries 昔ながらのオムライスと鶏むね肉、 フレッシュサラダまたはフライ


Traditional Omurisu With Assorted Vegetables

With Assorted Vegetables & Fresh Salad or Fries 昔ながらのオムライスと野菜の盛り合わせ、 フレッシュサラダまたはフライ


Traditional Omurisu

Fried rice with eggs, vegetables, and tomato sauce


Traditional Omurisu With Cheese

Fried rice with eggs, vegetables, cheese, and tomato sauce


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